I am Canadian but have lived in Asia with my husband since 1992. Our first twenty years were spent in Singapore which has a predominantly Chinese culture. This influence can be seen in my artwork where I sometimes use Chinese calligraphy and Buddhist imagery to convey specific meanings.

In 2012, we moved to Koh Samui, a beautiful, small, tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand.



My primary education was in science where I earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in physiotherapy.


My art education began in 1989, when I decided that I wanted to pursue my lifelong interest in textiles. I completed a two-year diploma in Fiber Arts in  Canada  just before we moved to Singapore. After graduating, I initially worked in handmade paper for several years before deciding to return to textiles.

To get acquainted with the enormous variety of new approaches and techniques being used in art quilting, in 2010 I enrolled in the two-year online City and Guilds Creative Quilting course with Linda and Laura Kemshall. This provided me with a strong and varied foundation in art quilting and design.

Living on an island has many rewards but educational opportunities are not among them. I  continue my artistic development through online courses, DVD’s and books on many aspects of quilting, design, colour theory and fabric dyeing.

I also belong to a small online group that meets once a month to discuss, inspire, critique, support and share our artist journey.