Artist Statement


 My Inspiration

Rust on a metal door latch, moss on a concrete wall, visible signs of deterioration and collapse; all these images inspire me. I love the changes that occur on surfaces with the passage of time. The accumulated patina adds to the texture, beauty and interest of a surface and tells us a story if we stop long enough to see it.

I love alleyways and doorways and discarded items on the side of the road for the glimpses that they provide into other people’s lives.


My Style

Working from my large collection of Asian photos, I create representational textile art quilts that attempt to convey a sense of place and time.

Each artwork is highly detailed and requires 150 to 250 hours to complete depending on the complexity of the image.

I work mainly with my own hand dyed cottons and paint but incorporate any medium that helps create the image that I want.

I use fabric collage to create the basic shapes and areas of colour and then add the fine details with paint, surface design and thread sketching. Quilting then adds the final layer of depth and detail.